The Cammy Pen

Want in on a Cammy Trick?

Get yourself this white washable marker designed to easily map various lash styles.

You now can easily mark the high points of the eye to create even lash fills and sets.

Cammy's Personal favorite application for the "Cammy" pen is during a Cosmetic Tattooing session which is why it Includes a ruler for the measurement.

It is SAFE ON THE SKIN which makes it an ideal instrument for lash and brow mapping on the client's eyelids and eyebrows.

Twist top to open and make sure to wipe down the skin for a clean oil-free surface.

How To Clean Skin:

  • Use water and a clean towel/cotton wipe to remove the ink
  • Use makeup wipe to remove the ink
  • Use the Cammy Nguyen Makeup Remover pads to remove the ink

How To Disinfect:

  • Make sure that before you apply to your clients' eyes you thoroughly cleanse your clients' skin. This will cut down on the transfer of oil or dirt onto the pen.
  • After each use spray the head of the pen with alcohol to disinfect. Then you can cover it with the lid. 

Ruler Included 

  • $6.00
  • $6.00