Clear Glue Cups Set

Lets SET The Scene!
The newest couple to hit the CN Team is just the cutest duo you've ever seen ❤️
Clear Glue Cup Set Highlights:
  • Comes with a roll of sticky dots 
  • Designed to be attached to any surface
  • Use in conjunction with sticky dots 
  • Allows for the ideal amount of glue per cup
  • Clean and highly effective 
  • DIsposable

Thank How To Use:

  • Take one of your Clear Glue Cups and attach it o one of the sticky glue dots on the roll
  • Then remove the dot from the roll
  • Now dispense your adhesive
  • Attach the cup to any flat surface so the adhesive doesn't spill
  • Dispose of the cup and sticky dot after 20-30 minutes and get a new cup to replace your glue and continue lashing. Remember fresh glue is to be dispensed after 20-30 minutes to ensure retention.

More Info:

  • Clear Glue Cups comes in 100ct
  • Sticky Dot Roll comes with 100ct of dots

Please Note: You will be receiving 100 cups and a roll of sticky dots. This is a set and is not sold separately.

  • $25.00