CN Flower Glue Rings

Let's make some fans!

This newly designed all-in-one flower ring was designed specifically to aid the struggling "Volume Lash Artist".

The multi-sided flower was specifically designed to create volume and mega volume fans, encouraging the base to join together seamlessly. Each slot will prevent those stray lashes from venturing away from the rest of the fan. The 2-sided glue chamber design will prevent the need for having to discard each ring after 30 minutes during lashing sessions.

To use the glue chambers:

  • Dispense the glue into one side of the dual chambers.
  • After 30 minutes it is vital to switch out your glue and dispense a new drop of glue into the second chamber.

To use the flower slots:

  • Dip fan into the glue, proceed to slide the fan into any of the slots of the flower glue ring and your fan will come seamlessly together with minimal effort every time.

Each slot can be used multiple times during your lash sessions, whether a lash fill or new lash extension set.

For single client use only, dispose of after every client.

The CN Flower Glue Ring can be worn comfortably on the thumb or index fingers.


  • $36.00