• 26 Hoes Sticky Pallete
  • 26 Hoes Sticky Pallete

26 Hoes Sticky Pallete

Stuck On You Like Glue!!!

Have you tried Glue Rings, Flower Glue Rings, Crystal Stones, Jade Stones, and even after all that haven't found what works for you? Well, don't count Cammy Nguyen out yet!

We got options baby !!!!

The answer you may ask?

The All-In-One Sticky Pallete:

  • Can hold your lash adhesive
  • Can hold your liquids
  • Can hold your creams 
  • Can hold whatever your heart desires

The Pallete:

  • Has 26 individualizes compartments to dispense your products into
  • With 26 different compartments to choose from you can re-use the pallet multiple times, which saves time and money 
  • Features a re-useable adhesive backing that will stick to practically anything
  • The pallet can be attached to your hand, a lash pallet, or even your client's forehead without any spills. #Goals
  • The adhesive backing will not leave behind any residual residue and will remain tacky for multiple uses.

If that's not enough to convince you they Come in Single OR 6 Count Options

  • $1.50