CN Volume Lash Extensions

Our Professional Volume Lash Extensions are the most premium quality lashes in the Industry. Featuring the darkest matte and softest material to create beautiful fans with the smoothest spread. 

Ranging in diameters .03, .05 & .07 and lengths 8-28mm Available in single & mixed trays 

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CN Tweezers

Forged of high integrity steel and manufacutured to have one of the most extraordinary effortless grips, making them smooth and easy on the wrist.

CN Tweezer Stands

Need somewhere to store all those beautiful tweezers?

Try the CN Tweezer Stands with multiple slots to hold up to 10 tweezers with ease.

All CN Pro Lash Adhesives

The most crucial apsect of any lash applications is a reputable, consistent lash adhesive that will maintain your client's lashes and dry fast and effectively. All CN Glues are 10ml and have a dry time ranging from .05 seconds to 5 seconds.