About Me

Cammy Nguyen is a 20 year licensed Cosmetologist and Self-made business woman. Her career began at a young age working along side her family as a Nail Technician with a undeniable eye for detail and exceptional work ethic. Cammy’s  passion for the beauty industry and everything it encompasses led her to branch out into the Lash Extension and Semi Permanent Makeup services, in which she excelled and created a significant name for herself and became a true game changer. Her Lash Extension and Cosmetic Tattooing have been praised and highly sought out from clients all over the world. Cammy has been in countless Nail and Beauty Magazines which have showcased her work and praised her beautiful salon, Blossom Beauty Lounge. She has taken numerous training classes and is constantly learning from other great professional artists. She herself is a Highly regarded Lash and Semi Permanent Tattoo Artist with students traveling from all over the world to take training courses with her. Known for her direct and tell-it like it is personality which blossomed from her humble and relatable beginnings  From growing up in the city of Compton and leaving on you own at 16, she has made quite the name for herself that people from all walks of time can and do relate to. Through her outrageously explicit and hilarious stories and experiences told on her IG and Snapchat she has become a highly admired beauty influencer. 


With Cammy’s incredibly successful business Blossom Beauty Lounge, whom has given countess entrepreneurs their start, as well as a equally successful Lash Extension Brand, she has become a force to be reckoned with. However even with all the success of her two business she never felt quite like her voice was completely heard. As an artist herself she knows what is a necessity and what will inevitably create other artists like herself more revenue whether it’s Lash Extensions, Cosmetic Tattooing, Makeup Artistry or just love all things beauty related. 


Cammy Nguyen “The Brand” was created solely by Cammy to be a brand that every facet of the beauty industry can love and benefit from. Her hand picked products are designed with the working artist in mind. Cammy’s passion for her work reflects highly in the products she has chosen to represent her namesake’s brand. Cammy Nguyen fully reflects her love and passion for the beauty industry and how long she has been apart of it. The company was started single-handedly from the ground up due to the lack of representation she felt with her other businesses and how determined she was to bring affordable quality professional products. No gimmicks, no scams, just quality products that she knows will change the quality of any artists work. 


Cammy Nguyen “The Brand” has been over 15 years in the making and officially launched in 2019. For many years Cammy’s office was her bedroom, where she dedicated countless sleepless nights and hours perfecting her ideal products. With no help, but with unparalleled determination she is finally able to release her own products, at her own company, baring her own name. 


Cammy Nguyen “The Brand” is here to offer extraordinary high quality professional products to all consumers. Our products are beginner- expert friendly and can be used by any level of artists. Many of the products we feature have various uses of applications which makes them more efficient and easily used if you’re an artist who provides multiple services. Cammy Nguyen provides incredibly affordable prices that can not be beat. 


Cammy Nguyen is a brand that is a family and we cannot wait to share our journey, hard work and exceptional products with you. We will always keep our customers enthused and informed on all the cutting edge products we will be offering so stay tuned.