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Micro Wands

Got some dirty clients who refuse to clean their lashes in between fills and always seem to return with weeks worth of build up?

Do yourself a favor and get some Magical Micro Wands.

Micro wands are the best tool for fine detailed cleaning in between the lash line, removing makeup, oil and natural build up that accumulates on the lash extensions.

The elongated sponge tip is significantly larger than an average micro wand, allowing the tip to be used not only in between the lashes but to glide along the top or bottom of thenatual lash and lash extension to remove any dirt, dust, oil, sweat or powder that has been desposited on the lashes.

Use with:

  • The Prep and Prime cleanser to throughly cleanse the lashes and prime the base of the natural lashes to better adhere to the lash adhesive.

The elongated head works perfectly for pressing down right on the base of the lashes and depositing the primer exactly where it is needed.

To use:

  • Spray 2 pumps of Prep and Prime onto 2 wands
  • Use the tip of the wand to slide in between lashes
  • Use the body to press down the lash line depositing the primer to the natural lashes.

Twist top container that allows for easy dispense while keeping the wands clean and secure from dust found in the air.

100 Count 

  • $12.00