• CN Eyelash Curler

CN Eyelash Curler

Game Changer ? 

 Let us upgrade you with The CN Eyelash Curler !!!

The CN Lash Curler is an ergonomically designed power house that puts other lash curlers to shame. 

The CN Eyelash Curler:

  • Features specially designed built-in combs that can be easily interchanged.
  • Combs gently separate the lashes so that the lashes don't twist and or overlap during the curling process. 
  • Combs will elongate and separate the natural lashes to prep them for mascara or strip lash application 
  • Will not pinch, break or damage your natural lashes with use
  • Curves to the natural curvature of the eye for a safe, gentle yet highly effective eyelash lift every time. 
  • Has a sturdy ergonomic handle 

This is the dynamic curler or your dreams.

Comes with 3 replacement combs 

  • $15.00