White KN95 Masks W/ Respiratory Valve

During this trying time, it is important to protect not only yourself but those you love. 

KN95 masks features:

  • Has a respiratory breathing valve, meaning this mask includes the independent one-way breathing valve that aids in reducing respiratory resistance.
  • Valve does not affect the filtration capacities of the mask (valve is personal preference) 
  • 4 layered filtration system 
  • Filters block dust, airborne allergens, smoke, and fine particles
  • Adjustable nose clips that can be tightened around the nose for a better fit
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops 

 Please Note: Thickness of masks does not = effectiveness 

** Sold Individually Not In A Pack** 

 Commonly Asked Information:

  • Masks are disposable ( not recommended for washing )
  • Recommended one-time use ( please refer to CDC guidelines for more information) 

What is the writing on the side of the mask?

  • M801V: Is the Model Number of the mask
  • Gb2626-2006: Is the test code 
  • Writing does not affect the effectiveness or durability of the mask
  • Writing is not a serial number like N95 masks commonly have

 **Due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we CANNOT accept any returns or exchanges, ALL MASKS ARE FINAL SALE**

 **Disclaimer**: KN95 Masks are not to be confused with N95 Masks. Masks are for consumers and are not medical grade. 

  • $7.00