• White Eyepatches w/ Collagen
  • White Eyepatches w/ Collagen

White Eyepatches w/ Collagen


 Secure Those Lashes!

If you loved our White Eyepatches before, then your mind will be blown with the new and improved texture and sticking capability of the new ones.

The new formula features:

  • Collagen infused gel
  • No-Slip grip so patches stay in place no matter the circumstance 
  • Bright white color to ensure easy visibility of even the tiniest of lashes  
  • Latex-Free 

Designed to:

  • Stay in place
  • Not slip and slide under the eye
  • Shape to the curvature of the client eye
  • De-puff, soothe, and hydrate the under-eye 

Can be used on:

  • Oily clients
  • Talkative clients 
  • Top of foundation
  • Clients with dry skin
  • Everyone !!

1 pair of eyepatches per pack 

  • $1.00