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The Pro Organizer

Keep It Cute And Professional! 

Upgraded the Everything Organizer with a few new lit changes! 

 The Everything Organizer is a Clear multifunctional storage container with:

  • Overall dimensions: 9 1/2-inches (w) x 5 1/2-inches (h) x 10-inches (d)
  • 6 covered compartments: 4-inches (w) x 3-inches (l) x 5 1/2-inches (d)
  • 6 slot tweezer stand: 10inches (l) x 1 1/2-inches (w) x 5 1/2-inches (d)

This Organizer can be used for a multitude of different uses such as:

  • Makeup Storage
    • Brushes, Foundations, Powders, Cotton Balls, Q-tips, CN Eyeliner, Lipliners, Beauty Blenders, etc. 
  • Store Your Toiletries
    • Facial washes, Moisturizers, Toners, Masques, Tweezers, Toothbrush, etc.
  • Store Your Hair Items
    • Serums, Brushes, Combs, Ponytail Holders (you can never find them when you need them), Gels and Creams, etc.

    Created with thick and durable acrylic to ensure longevity and easy cleaning.

    For Lash Artists:

    • You can comfortably store your entire collection of lash prep products from wands, brushes, cleansers, primers, eye patches, tapes, portable fan, and much much more.
    • The covered storage compartments are designed to ensure lashers keep their cleaning and mascara wands organized and sanitary. Far away from settling dust and dirt.

    The built-in tweezer stands come in handy for storing your CN tweezers and CN scissors between clients and after cleaning at the end of the day. Now features a cover to keep your tweezers extra sanitary.

    The covered tweezer stand abides by the State Board regulations for tweezers to be covered and stored in a dust-free environment. 

    • $220.00