• The Mega Organizer
  • The Mega Organizer

The Mega Organizer

Mega Is Better! 

The Cammy Nguyen Organizer Family just gained its ultimate member. 

The Mega Organizer is a Clear multifunctional storage container with:

  • Overall dimensions 10-inches (w) x 6-inches (h) x 10-inches (d)
  • (2) pull out drawer 6-inches (w) x 5-inches (h) 3-inches (d) 
  • 10 slot tweezer stand 6 1/2-inches (w) x 6-inches (h) x 2-inches (d)
  • 2 open slots 3-inches (w) x 2 1/2-inches (d)
  • 15 Lash Tiles are  5 1/2 -inches (h) x 3-inches (w) EACH  

This Mega Organizer can be used for a multitude of different uses such as:

  • Lash Storage
    • Features 15 CN lash tiles with 13 lines each that are numberless and includes flower glue cup slots
    • Each tile's lines are located under the acrylic so the lines will not rub off 
  • Tweezer Stand
    • 10 individual tweezer spots
    • Covered tweezer stand per state board instrument requirements 

      Created with thick and durable acrylic to ensure longevity and easy cleaning.

      Key Features For Lash Artists:

      • Can now store your lash tiles and lash products all in one place
      • Comfortably store your entire collection of lash prep products from wands, brushes, cleansers, primers, eye patches, tapes, portable fans, and much much more.
      • The 2 covered pull out drawer compartments are designed to ensure lashers keep their cleaning and mascara wands organized and sanitary. Far away from settling dust and dirt.
      • The wide-open compartments can store your taller cleansing products such as the Cammy Nguyen 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser and 2-in-1 Prep and Prime spray. Keep your micro wands in their case and store them with ease in one of the compartments and keep tons of eyepatches on deck in another. 
      • The center compartment is ideal to store your multiple lash tapes and smaller products like your Cammy Nguyen Big Dot, Pink Pot, Lint Free Wipes, or Makeup Remover Pads.

      The Mega Organizer is the ultimate lash artist's dream.   

      • $380.00