Straight Stroke Tattoo Eyebrow Transfer

Got No Brows?
We Do!
These single-use eyebrow transfers were created to mimic natural-looking hair strokes. 
Who's It For:  
  • Individuals with little to no brows
  • Individuals looking to switch up their look
  • Individuals looking for versatility 

Are They Safe:

  • The eyebrows are completely safe to apply to the skin
  • Will not damage natural hairs

How To Apply:

  • Cut each eyebrow out separately
  • Peel off the protective film
  • Line up and adjust the eyebrow to the desired position
  • Place eyebrow onto the skin
  • Take a wet sponge or paper towel onto the back of the white backing and hold for 10-15 seconds 
  • Repeat on the other side


  • 1 page of 8 sets of brows 
  • $4.00