• Ribbed Mega Volume
  • Ribbed Mega Volume
  • Ribbed Mega Volume

Ribbed Mega Volume

We Want Mega Volume!!!!! 

The Ribbed Mega Volume Tweezer is designed:

  • Great for Mega Volume because it can pick up a large number of lashes
  • Not designed for Standard Volume because of the natural loose grip of the tweezers. You will not be able to pick up or spread the fan. 
  • NOT TO CLOSE COMPLETELY because the tweezer is designed to have a loose grip that allows for the lashes to be pinched within the tweezer's head.

Can be used for:

  • Classic Lash pick up.
  • Isolation 
  • Mega Volume pinching 
  • Pre-Mades
  • Easy Fanning 

The lashes can be easily spread between the tweezers' grips, allowing the lash artists to make Mega Volume Fans with ease using the pinching method.

Not Familiar With The Pinching Method?
Then this isn't the tweezer for you, boo. 
    • $38.00