Portable Fan

Are you a Fan of Cammy's?

Then let's get out portable fans.

After many trial and errors, we have finally found the best portable fan on the market.

The white sleek design makes it a showpiece that can be left out on you lash station and will not take up valuable space like bigger bulkier fans.

After a lash service often the fumes of the glue are still evident and will cause tearing and burning eyes. With a strong airflow speed and paper thin plastic blades, it is safe to use in close proximity to your client's lashes for best results.

The blades automatically fold when the fan is turned off includes a convenient cap making it perfect for travel.

Not a lash artist, no worries this fan in compact enough to store in your bag to cool you off anywhere.

Requires 2 AA batteries not included.

  • $20.00