Multi Tape Dispenser

Can't No One Store Tape Like ME!

Multi Tape Dispenser features:
  • Can hold up to 6 rolls of tape
  • Dual-sided safety cutter that will easily cut through any tape without cutting your fingers 
  • The cutter features a small sawtooth side and a larger sawtooth side 
  • Dimensions: 4(L) x 3.58(W) x2.79(H)

CN Tapes Recommended For Use:

  • Nichiban Tape
  • 3M Micropore Tape
  • Smooth Tape
  • Crystal Tape

How to use:

  • Turn the white knob forward (away from you) on the right-hand side of the dispenser to unlock.
  • Once unlocked pull out the center holder
  • Now you can load the tapes (up to 6) 
  • After the tapes have been loaded slide the center holder back into the slot and turn the white knob backward (towards you) to lock in place 

To switch the dual-sided cutter:

  • Push on the lefthand side of the cutter blade until it unlocks
  • The lift upon the blade
  • Switch to the desired side and place back into the slots
  • Push on the righthand side of the cutter to lock back in place