Strip Lash Duo Tweezer (5 colors)

Ready To Put Those Cammy Nguyen Strip Lashes On Like A Pro?

The Strip Lash Duo Tweezer is a dual-sided tweezer that features a fantastic strip lash application tweezer on one end and a comb on the other end coming in the clutch to blend those natural and strip lashes together with ease.

  • High-quality tweezer that will withstand time
  • A compact comb that fits perfectly on the eye
  • Tweezers come in 5 highly sought colors Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Hot Pink, Black, and White.

How To Use:

  • Use tweezer end to pick up strip lash off of tray to apply strip lash adhesive 
  • Apply strip lash and use the tweezer end to squeeze at the lash line to solidify the bond
  • Now use the comb end to comb through your lashes blending strip lash and natural lashes 


  • No more toughing your strip lashes during application which can potentially introduce bacteria into the eyes. Using the tweezer is a much more sanitary way to apply your strip lashes.
  • The built-in comb is an absolute life-saver, definitely something you never thought you needed until now.
  • $12.00