• Micropore Tape
  • Micropore Tape

Micropore Tape

3m micropore tape is a staple product.

Personally recommended by Cammy to use as a base to dispense your lash adhesive while using our Crystal stone and Crystal Stone Stickers.

3M tape has many uses.

To Use with Crystal stone:

  • Pull out piece of micropore tape
  • Apply directly to the Crystal Stone or on top of the Crystal Stone Sticker
  • Dispense drop of glue

It provided a porous surface that will not absorb the adhesive but rather maintain the shape of the drop when the adhesive is dispensed.

Uses for Lashing to:

  • hold down lower lashes
  • hold down upper lashes 
  • secure excess eyelid skin aiding in lash application

The mild adhesive will not damage lash extension or irritate skin.

Safe to use on Skin.

  • $2.00