• Black Lash Sealant
  • Black Lash Sealant
  • Black Lash Sealant

Black Lash Sealant

Let's preserve those beautiful lashes.

Sealants come in many forms but none like this one.

Cammy has designed the perfect lash extension sealant, starting with the perfect applicator brush. Other sealants come with mascara wands that clumps your lashes together and weighs down the natural fluff and fullness.

The precision applicator tip is designed to deliver the sealant at the accurate place, the base of the lashes.

Sealants sole purpose is to seal the base of the lashes where the adhesive attaches the lash extension to the natural lash and boy do we have a exceptional one here.

Sealant creates a sweat-proof, oil-proof, water-proof, make-up proof seal on your lash extensions.

Black Sealant is ideal for black lashes.

Can be used to camouflage the lash line when it's time to get a lash fill. 

To use:

  • Shake well,
  • Pull out the precision tip brush
  • Apply to the base of the lash extension close to the lash line
  • Allow to dry before opening eyes

Can be used daily to ensure maximum retention.