Tweezer Stand

Your Tweezers Deserve A Good Home !!!

Give them a luxurious one with our Tweezer Stand. 

Cammy specifically designed this unique acrylic box to:

  • Hold 8 pairs of tweezers
  • Keep tweezers upright and damage-free
  • Keep tweezers covered and sterile so dust and dirt will not settle on them 

Each of the proportionately spaced 8 slots securely supports the tweezers in an upright position so that the delicate tips of (any style) tweezers will not bump into each other causing them to be bent and or damaged. 

The clear, thick, durable acrylic outer shell ensures continual security from air-borne germs and dust that can settle on your tweezers and cause your clients to become sick or cause tearing. 

Thoughtfully designed by Cammy to abide by State Board Regulations for storing and maintaining sterile tweezers for use on clientele.   

Not only practical, it is insanely chic to display on your lashing station, your salon or teaching facility. 

  • $40.00