CN Pro Angled Brush

It's All About Those Angles 
CN Pro Angled Brush Features:
  • Angled brush Head
  • Spooly Brush Head 
  • Synthetic brush fibers that won't shed 
  • Comes with a cap on both ends to keep brushes clean great for travel or on the go!


  • Eyebrows
    • Fill in your brows using powder, gel, cream, or wax products 
    • Carve out your brows with concealer
    • Draw precision hair strokes 
    • Brush and tame unruly brows 
  • Eyes
    • Smudge your eyeliner for a smokey look
    • Apply wing eyeliner
    • Apply eyeshadow to your under eye
 Comes Individually
With 1 Dual-Sided Brush Only 
  • $7.00