• KN95 Masks (10 Pack)
  • KN95 Masks (10 Pack)

KN95 Masks (10 Pack)

Protect Yourself And Those Around You. 
The KN95 Mask:
  • Has 4 layers of high-quality filtration 
  • Comfortable and efficient
  • Block bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, and smoke.
  • Made of completely cotton, the masks are lightweight and comfortable, can be used daily.

Not only is it sanitary for your clients, it completely benefits the artist health and welfare. Sold one per package.

Perfect for artists, trainers, and students.

Please Note: Prices for the KN95 Mask are higher due to the current events pertaining to the Covid-19 Virus. However, the additional proceeds will allow for Cammy to donate masks to facilities such as hospitals, retirement facilities and individuals with compromised health. We are all doing our part to combat and overcome these intense and delicate times. We appreciate your support and thank you. 

Comes in a 10 Pack