CN Glue Eyeliner

Saving Time & Money Never Looked So Good!

The CN Eyeliner Glue is a 2-In-1 Eyeliner and Strip Lash Glue that will achieve the perfect effortless wing liner while simultaneously laying the foundation for an epic hold on your Cammy Nguyen Strip Lashes. It is an eyeliner encompassing the technology of combining a strip lash adhesive into the formula. 

  • It comes in 3 Colors, The darkest Black for beautiful dramatic wings, Clear for classic strip lash application no color, A brown for those natural days
  • Sharp felt tip for precision application and wing application 
  • The ideal amount of tackiness for strip lash application and hours of wear 

How To Use:

  • Shake Eyeliner well before each use 
  • Apply Eyeliner in the desired look along the natural lash line
  • While the Eyeliner is still wet, apply your favorite CN Strip Lash 
  • Press and firmly hold down lash until dry and enjoy!
  • $19.00