CN 3 Section Acrylic Organizer

Let's Take A Trip Down Organization Lane!
The CN 3 Section Acrylic Organizer, Where Function Meets Beauty.

This multifunctional acrylic organizer can be used by:
  • Lash Artists
  • Make-up Artists
  • Beauty Enthusiast
  • Everyone!

Storage Options Include:

  • Storing and organizing make-up brushes
  • Storing and organizing lashing supplies such as cleaning brushes, wands, cleansers, and much more.
  • Can be used to organize and display items on your desk
  • Keep your vanity nice and clean by organizing not only your makeup brushes, but your serums, moisturizers, toners, and more.
  • You can even store your toothbrush if your feeling fancy.
  • Anything that you can possibly imagine can be stored in any of the spacious 3 sections. 


  • Crystal Clear Acrylic to easily see what's inside 
  • (3) 2.5in equally spaced sections
  • The tallest internal space that will not crunch or distort your brushes or products
  • Dimensions H:9in x W:7in x D:2.75in
  • Fits comfortable on any trolly or tabletop
  • Easy Lift Lid

Sanitation Benefits:

  • Block dust, dirt, and airborne germs from landing and contaminating the items stored inside.