4D Pre-Made Single Length

Get Beautiful Volume Lashes In Less Time !!!

Cammy Nguyen Specially Designed Pre-Made Volume Lashes are:

  • Hand-made 
  • Heat-Bonded at the base
  • Synthetic material made to imitate real mink 
  • Beautifully fanned just like hand-made volume fans
  • Ideal for lash artist who haven't learned or mastered how to do hand-made volume yet
  • Created for busy lash artists by cutting lashing time in half 
  • Ideal for oily clients because fans will not close up
  • Ideal for clients who wear a lot of makeup because fans will not close up when exposed to multiple products and makeup removers 
  • Designed with a flat, tapered base to efficiently adhere to the natural lash and pro-long wear 

    We have NEW 20 Row trays, So we lowered the price to $22 on the old 16 row trays.

    All 20 Row trays will be at the normal price $27, so if a tray is $27 then that is a new tray. 

    Old Tray Info:

    • 16 rows per tray 
    • $22 per tray 
    • 20 fans per row X 16 rows= 320 fans per tray 

    New Tray Info:

    • 20 rows per tray 
    • $27 dollars per tray
    • 20 fans per row X 20 rows = 400 fans per tray  

      Comes in:

      • C curl
      • D curl
      • .07 diameter  
      • .10 diameter 

      4D Single:

      • 8-17mm length 
      • 19 & 20mm in .07 D Curl ONLY

      Lash Artist will receive 3x more lashes per tray then any other pre-made volume tray on the market. 

      • $22.00