15 Tile Lash Storage

Store your lashes in luxury!

Our Lash Storage has:

  • 15 heavy-duty tiles
  • No pre-set curl diameter length labels
  • No logo for custom personalization

The high quality durable acrylic exterior provided a:

  • safe,
  • completely sanitary
  • sleek white design to blend in easily with any salon decor.

Sanitation is a very important factor that separates the good lash artist from the fakes.

The 15 tile storage box provides a:

  • clean
  • dust-free
  • humidity resistant
  • germ-proof

Home for all your lash tiles.

Each of 15 lash tiles are created using high-quality acrylic base and a clear durable acrylic top with 11 lines that can hold 8-18mm lengths with ease.

Each line is underneath the clear top so they will not rub off over time and can clearly be seen at any angle.

No need to label the line when you use Cammy Nguyen lashes because we print the curl, length, and diameter on every lash strip.

Each tile easily slips into one of the 15 provided slots and will not fall over and crush the lashes while traveling or if knocked over.

Cammy designed the lash storage for active lash artists, beginning lash artist, lash trainers, students, and salon owners.