• Lint-Free Eyepatches
  • Lint-Free Eyepatches
  • Lint-Free Eyepatches

Lint-Free Eyepatches

The Specialty Eyepatch Collection

Get ready for the hybrid eyepatch you never knew you needed until now 

The Lint-free Eyepatch Features:
  • Lint-free cotton 
  • Sticks effortlessly to skin
  • Extra large 

Can Be Used For:

  • Removing lash extensions
  • catching fallout when applying eyeshadow 

How To Use During Lash Extension Removal:

  • Apply the patch under the lash extensions over the bottom lashes
  • Use the CN 2 In 1 Cream Remover and apply to the base of the lash extension where the lash is attached to the natural lash 
  • The lint-free eyepatch comes in handy because the cream remover is strong and can eat through traditional eyepatch materials. Soaks up excess remover for a cleaner process 
  • Once the lash has been removed slid them right onto the lintfree eyepatch and throw away, simple. 

Comes in a pack of 25 pairs

  • $10.00