CN Pre-Made Fan Organizer

It's a new innovative way to safely store your CN Loose Pre-made Mega Volume Fans while keeping them organized and sanitary.

  • 14 large individual spots with secure lids
  • Includes 20 easy-peel customizable stickers that you can write in the diameter, curl, and fan length in each spot. 

Create your perfect custom lash box with each size you need daily. Don't use all the lengths? Don't worry; that's the beauty of the customizable stickers that let you add whatever lashes you use the most to your fan organizer to keep them at arm's reach—no more digging through your lash trays to find the needed tray for a specific client. 


  • Each section easily holds 500+ Pre-Made Mega Volume Fans. 
  • Stickers easily peel off, leaving behind no sticky residue 
  • The box is multi-purpose and can be reused for other uses besides lashing

Please Note: Box comes blank and you are to add stickers and write the diameter, curl, and lengths on them. 

  • $20.00