Like WTF 2.0

Like Wtf 2.0 Baby !!!!

You Know We Had To Do A Remix ūüíÉūüŹĽ

What's New: Bottle 

  • Newly designed 99 % air-tight bottle to increase and prolong the freshness of the adhesive
  • The bottle has a hard shell sleeve to protect the inner plastic bottle¬†
  • Brand new .03ml precision nozzle that minimizes the adhesive's exposure to air when dispersed, and dispenses consistent glue droplets that won't spread.
  • Open side slots that provide a place to hold the glue without accidentally expelling glue into the lid if squeezed.¬†

What's New: Formula

  • Per your request, we created a thinner viscosity (we thinned out the thickness of the consistency of the glue)
  • New recommendations for the humidity level: 30-70% (still works in a wide range of humidities)¬†¬†
  • New recommendation for dry time: .5 to 1 second dry time (dry time can be .5 seconds when the temperature and humidity levels are ideal but can take up to 1 second to safely secure the lash extension¬†

Let's go over the specs 

Like WTF 2.0: 

  • Has a¬†.5 to 1-second dry time¬†
  • Should be kept and used in temperatures between¬†68-75 degrees Fahrenheit¬†
  • Recommended Humidity levels between¬†30-70%¬†¬†
  • Long-lasting adhesive¬†
  • Oil-proof
  • Waterproof¬†
  • Sweat-proof
  • 10ml¬†

How to dispense the glue:

  • To properly dispense the glue, place your fingers on the front and back of the bottle. This is where the name (front) and the ingredients (back) after listed.
  • Squeezing the bottle here will dispense the glue
  • Do not squeeze on the open slot sleeve on the sides of the bottle as this will not dispense any glue.¬†


This new glue nozzle is a little high maintenance so let's go over some key points to remember: 

  • ¬†Clean the D*MN NOZZLE ūüė° No seriously you will have to make sure the nozzle is super clean. Due to the .03ml precision tip, the adhesive can easily clog the nozzle if not wiped clean after each use. Use a CN Lint-Free wipe to thoroughly clean the nozzle¬†
  • Burp This Baby ūüĎ∂ After every use of the glue you will have to burp the bottle to ensure there is no excess glue in the neck of the nozzle that can dry and clog the nozzle.
  • How to Burp a glue bottle:¬†
    • ¬†Gently squeeze on the front and back of the bottle. Your fingers should be on the front of the bottle where the name of the product is and the back where the ingredients and recommendation are
    • Do not squeeze on the sides where the open slots are. You will not be able to get the excess air out of the bottle.¬†
    • While burping you will notice small bubbles coming up out of the nozzle. This is burping, releasing the trapped air within the bottle and nozzle.
    • Burp the bottle until the nozzle is completely clean and no more bubbles are coming up.¬†
  • Wipe the nozzle with a CN Lint-Free wipe after each bubble that is expelled from the bottle to ensure that the glue won't dry up and settle on the nozzle. We are trying to keep the nozzle clean here.¬†¬†
Caring for the bottle:
  • Each bottle comes with an outer protective shell.¬†
  • Make sure that the outer sleeve is completely pressed down onto the glue bottle. if it isn't then the bottle will not properly close.
  • The lid and the body of the bottle will need to align to ensure the airtight seal it is designed to ensure
    • To align: The CN Logo on the lid should align with the name of the glue on the front of the bottle.
    • If the 2 don't align then you do not have an airtight seal and run the risk of allowing air to enter the bottle¬†


    What NOT to do with this bottle:
    • DO NOT forget to clean the nozzle after each use.¬†
    • DO NOT squeeze the bottle on the side¬†
    • DO NOT forget to burp the bottle

    Forgot to wipe that nozzle, huh? You blew it ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ lets troubleshoot¬†

    • If your glue nozzle has become clogged you can pierce the nozzle with the provided red glue pin that is included in the package.
    • If the clog is too deep, then you will have to cut the tip off the nozzle and use the glue pin to unclog the blocked the nozzle.
    • Once cut the nozzle is no longer the .03ml nozzle that comes with the glue and will allow for some air to get in the bottle since the nozzle isn't as precise as it was before.¬†
    • But guess what, you won't have to throw away the bottle if clogged.¬†

    Can be used for:

    • Classic Lashing
    • Volume Lashing
    • Easy Fan Volume Lashing
    • Mega Volume Lashing
    • Pre-Made Volume Lashing

    Adhesive good for:

    • 2 MONTHS¬†after receiving your order.
    • Whether¬†OPENED¬†or¬†UNOPENED¬†

    The adhesive should be:

    • Shaken side to side¬†NEVER¬†up and down
    • To shake hold the bottle on the open sides of the sleeve and not on the front or back of the bottle, as this might dispense glue into the lid of the bottle
    • Shake before¬†each¬†use
    • Shake for¬†20 seconds¬†to ensure ingredients are well mixed
    • If the glue is not well mixed it will result in retention issues
    • Changed every 20-30 minutes and a new drop dispensed into a new glue ring or on a new area on a jade stone or crystal stone
    • Never dispense adhesive on top of the previous drop ¬†

    Adhesive Storage:

    • Refrigerate upon receiving to stabilize the ingredients¬†
    • After can be stored in a cool dry place¬†
    • If the temperature is not consistent store in refrigerator at end of day
    • If the temperature stays consistent in your lashing suite, store in the "Keep It Fresh" Jar or the CN Glue Jar in between clients to maintain a cool temperature
    • Do Not throw away the silica packet, place inside the jar for added freshness and to keep away excess moisture
    • If stored in the refrigerator overnight please remove 30 minutes before initial use of the day¬†
    • Never lash with cold adhesive as it will cause retention issues¬†
    • Store Up Right (¬†DO NOT store on its side¬†)¬†

     Adhesive will dry within .5 - 1 second in the recommended environment:

    • 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit¬†
    • 30-70% Humidity Level¬†¬†

    Product Note:

    Do not use this adhesive if your clients are allergic to any lash adhesive, have had an allergic reaction to lash adhesives in the past, or allergic to cyanoacrylate. Symptoms include swollen eyes, itchiness, severe red eyes, soreness of the eyelids, and discharge of the eye. If a client has ever experienced these symptoms in the past, then this client is allergic to lash adhesive in general and we recommend you do not apply lash extensions to said client/clients.

    Adhesive Contains NO LATEX and NO FORMALDEHYDE