.05 Easy Fan Volume 3-Length Mixed Trays

Life Just Got A Lot Easier For You !!!

Make Volume Fans in half the time with half the effort and heartbreak. If you're a Volume lash artist struggling to create Mega Volume Fans in a timely manner then the Easy Fan Volume Lashes are THE absolute best for you. Will cut your set times in half. 

Restocked Sizes are in Black Trays. NO CHANGES to lashes were made still 18 rows: 

  • D: 11-13 & 14-16
  • DD: 11-13 & 14-16


Cammy Nguyen Easy Fan Volume Lashes are:

  • Made of the same amazing material as our signature volume lashes
  • Pre-Bonded at the base so that your fans don't fall apart during pick up
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Amazing to teach with as student trainers

Designed By Cammy to be: 

  • The darkest matte lashes on the market
  • Tapered gorgeous tips like natural lashes 
  • Extremely soft to create ultimate fluffy, full beautiful lashes
  • A synthetic material made to mimic the look and feel of real mink
  • Cruelty-Free- NO animals were harmed in the making of these gorgeous lashes
  • 100% Vegan 

Each tray boasts:

  • 18 rows 
  • The curl, diameter, and length on each of the removable lash strips
  • The smoothest fan spread of any strip on the market  

Available in:

  • C curl 8-10 , 11-13, 14-16mm
  • CC curl 8-10 , 11-13, 14-16mm
  • D curl 8-10, 11-13, 14-16mm
  • DD curl 8-10, 11-13, 14-16mm
  • .03 diameter for Mega Volume Lashing or clients with really thin and short lashes
  • .05 diameter for Mega Volume Lashing or clients with thin lashes
  • .07 diameter for Normal Volume Lashing or clients with normal to full lashes


  • $16.80
  • $24.00