CN Camellia Volume Mixed Trays

      Keys Points:

      • CN Camellia volume lashes have three mixed lengths in a single strip
      • Easily create lash fans with different lengths
      • Allowing you to achieve a more textured, natural, voluminous look 
      • Perfect to create a wispy look
      • Create custom and unique designs 
      • Lashes spread very nicely on the strip and  very easy to work with
      • Tapered gorgeous mixed length tips that mimic natural lashes
      • Dark matte lashes
      • Perfect for pinchers
      • Great for the shimmy method


      • 20 Rows per box tray
      • Each removable lash strip has the curl, diameter and length
      • Three mixed lengths in a single lash strip

      Comes in mixed trays of:

      • 7/9/11 mm
      • 8/10/12 mm
      • 9/11/13 mm
      • 10/12/14 mm
      • 11/13/15 mm 
      • 12/14/16 mm
      • CC Curl 
      • D Curl 
      • .05 Diameter only 
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