CN Makeup Sponge and "Egg" Case

Your CN Beauty Sponge Just Caught A Case !!

The CN Beauty is the the latest beauty sponge to take the makeup industry by storm. Perfected by Make-up artist and connoisseur Cammy Nguyen, the CN Beauty Sponge was designed to answer all the issues that arise with normal beauty sponges. It now features our convenient CN "Egg" Case for optimum portability.  

The CN Beauty Sponge is:

  • Extremely soft and luxurious for the gentlest of makeup applications 
  • A 3-in-1 multi-use sponge 
  • Dual-sided applicators 
  • Thoughtfully designed in a rich medium brown color
  • Reusable 
  • Sulfate-free 
  • Latex-free 

Use exclusively for a flawless airbrush application of all forms of foundation, liquids and creams. Will not waste product by embedding deep into the material of the sponge. Can also be used to apply setting powders with ease. 

The CN Beauty Sponge Features:

  • A precision tip is ideal to cover and blend out imperfections and those pesky blemishes we all get from time to time
  • A slanted flat edge for effortlessly contouring around the eyes and the nose
  • A rounded body to evenly bounce foundation into the skin
  • Medium Brown color perfect for complexion correction and darker-toned products  

The CB "Egg" Case features:

  • 8 drain holes in the top 
  • 8 drain holes in the bottom 
  • Convenient pop top ( just like a old school easter egg)  

Use to store your beauty sponge during travel or after washing

To activate the sponge:

  • Under lukewarm running water saturate the sponge and gently squeeze multiple times until the sponge has doubled in size. 
  • Once the sponge has fully expanded firmly squeeze the remainder of the water from the sponge 
  • Its ready to use 

To clean the sponge:

  • Using your choice of cleanser and water
  • Saturate the sponge with warm water 
  • Dispense a effective amount of cleanser onto the beauty sponge 
  • Massage the cleanser into the sponge by squeezing and agitating the sponge with both hands 
  • Rinse and Repeat until the water runs clean. 

The CN Beauty Sponge can be used wet for a lighter natural application or dry for an all over full coverage application. 

* Cammy's Pro-Tip *

Use with your choice of setting sprays to activate the sponge. Not only will it set your makeup faster it's the perfect time saver. 

  • $8.50