• Cammy Nguyen Light
  • Cammy Nguyen Light

Cammy Nguyen Light

We Can Make It All Light Up!

Lighting is THE most important factor for lash artist and LED is the new wave.

Warm lighting doesn't effectively give off enough lighting to see natural lashes and is so last year.

LED lighting is

  • Bright
  • White
  • Crisp lighting

That will illuminate even the tiniest of natural lashes with no problem.

Give your eyes a break and let this light do all the work for you.

The CN Light has:

  • A 2 ft long swivel head on a sturdy circular rolling base, that will not topple over and navigates with ease 
  • 4 ascending settings increasing brightness
  • Conveniently placed power button on the top of the head of the light.

No longer will you need to use 2 lights!!!!

Cammy designed the CN light to have one of the longest light bars on the market that easily lights up the left and right side of the face evenly.

The clean white color will fit in with any decor and become a staple piece in any lash artist salon or studio. Ideal for Trainers, Artist, Students or Salon Owners.


The CN Light will be shipped in 2 separate boxes. If you receive only 1 box, please refer to your FedEx tracking number and click on other packages in the shipment for details. 

Final Sale Item, No Warranty