The Signature Brush

Get you a brush that can do both.

The "Signature" brush is a multi-use soft bristle brush that can be used to cleanse lash extensions with our 2 in 1 Foaming lash and facial cleanser during prep for lash extensions.

The soft bristle ensure complete comfort to the eyes while the density help create the perfect amount of lather to remove all residue from in between the lashes, lash line and entire eye.

To use:

  • Dispense 2 pumps of our foam cleanser onto the eye 
  • Take the Signature brush and make circular motions, lathering up the eye and the lash extensions.
  • Rinse the eyes completely with water
  • Dry with portable fan

To clean the brushes:

  • Use anti-bacterial soap to throughly cleanse the brush
  • Rinse brush with hot water
  • Pat with towel 
  • Allow to natually air dry.

Not a lash artist, but you wear makeup, don't trip use the Signature brush as eyeshadow brush in a pinch and blend your heart out.

Sold in 2 Pack

  • $8.00